About Us

What is VMake Biz?

We’re a crowdfunding website for businesses. Some say it’s financing creativity, some say it’s democratizing entrepreneurship. Either you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an existing business owner, potential investor or someone from the community who supports new ideas, you can be part of something big.

To jumpstart your journey, you may go here to see how you can Start your Business proposal or here to Invest in a Business. For any queries, contact us at ask@vmake.biz

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Entrepreneurs can also seek for contacts and support via the Networking page before submitting their Proposal. Once a Proposal is successfully funded, business owners will have their company announced under News.
Here's a little bit more on what happens when a business is crowdfunded on Vmake.Biz. 30% of the business profits will be shared among the investors for 6 financial years with 8% administration fees where all transaction costs are covered by us. Once the contract is fulfilled, the business will be fully owned by the business owner. Visit here for a quick guide on how to start your business or invest in a business and more details here for the T&C.
  • We can’t wait to see fresh ideas or business expansions, from arts to scientific inventions.
  • We would be excited to hear what you’re passionate about and hope that you can do what you love as a living and lifestyle via business ventures.
  • We want to provide the opportunity for more people to be part of an idea or solution and to be able to invest in a business.
  • We hope by increasing business making with the help of technology, we would be able to stimulate the Malaysian economy and set the trend globally.
A fuzzy idea of this crowdfunding website came a decade ago before its launch. The idea was to somehow marry business and investing with technology. It was inspired by the new breed of technopreneurs and learning about Islamic economics during schooldays. Fast forward to current time where our team have been working on this startup which would enable people to live and earn with their passion. This was the perfect time when crowdfunding is on the rise and more and more people are empowered to have their creations put to life.